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006 Ask Dr. Wise: The Child of Carcinogenesis

Ask Dr. Wise: The Child of Carcinogenesis

Now playing at a theater near you....just in time for Halloween, The Child of Carcinogenesis!

No, sorry to say, this segment of the Ask Dr. Wise Radio Show is not the stuff of fiction.  It's an in depth examination of one of the most widely used and controversial over the counter pharmaceutical products marketed in the United States and around the globe; acetaminophen.

Before you visit that corner drug store to pick up that well known over the counter cold remedy, cough suppressant or something to knock down that pesky fever, you owe it to yourself to listen in as Dr. Wise challenges us all to understand how products advertised to help us, hold the potential for doing us harm, serious harm, perhaps even death.

Some products mix it with alcohol and histamines....a witches brew.

Listen in.


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