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Healthy.CoOp Indiegogo campaign 7/4/14

Healthy.CoOp Indiegogo campaign went live on 7/4/14 and will run till 9/2/14.

Please support direct pay private practice wellness and healthcare where patients are the customers and  Physicians are professionals.

Healthy.CoOp exists for the wellbeing of it's members, be sure to help it grow so it will be there when you need it.

Control your expenses for healthcare. By paying directly for routine healthcare and getting hospitalization /catastrophic insurance you can save money in your Healthy.CoOp facilitated account without the restrictions of an HSA.

It is no coincidence  that insurance companies have made record profits since ppaca, they have been taking more and more money from the consumer and providing less care.

Visit Healthy.CoOp Indiegogo campaign, make a donation , then share it with your contacts so everyone can support Healthy.CoOp to declare Independence from Insurance  interference and bad healthcare. 

Also, here is the address

Healthy.CoOp startup campaign 


Physicians Declaration of Independence

Recently I was sent a linkage to a WSJ article referencing a Physician declaration of independence by Daniel Croviotto MD.

I acknowledge his frustrations expressed within the article , but find the declaratives as imprecise.


Richard Amerling MD has a more defined Physicians Declaration of Independence published here


Check them out and please support direct private practice healthcare and wellness.


If you are unhappy about healthcare , join people who want to do something about it.


Join AAPS  , visit Healthy.CoOp , Talk about cash pay healthcare and don't give the broken system any money.


Get Activated and Support Healthy.CoOp upcoming crowd-funding !


PO Box 82321

Las Vegas, NV 89180-2321



Thanks !